Snake bet roulette system

In European gambling halls many guests are fond of trying different playing strategies in order to enhance win chances. Snake betting in roulette is quite known method to attract more luck and in this article we intend to discover its working mechanism and find out more about its effectiveness in online roulette casinos.

Characteristics of Snake wager

The point of discussed system is to cover 12 numbers as it is done in Column or Dozen bets. When chips are placed in proper way their location reminds of snake. This stake includes numbers of all Dozens and Columns and consists of red numbers only that`s why it`s also known as Red snake bet.

Before to use this method we advise to get acquainted with following figures:

Advantage of this system is its aesthetic features, it`s not standard and looks interesting. Disadvantage - long exposure and a large number of chips that can strike your bankroll.

Origin of roulette Snake strategy

Origin of this bet is unknown. Many players and casinos all around the world pretend to ascribe its authorship. One thing that in many places red zigzag for 1 – 34 numbers had been applied long before the names of “snake” or “red snake” appeared.

Version of Chinese genesis of this method is very popular. First, it is used a lot by Chinese players. Second, in China red colour symbolizes happiness and good fortune, well in the third - the serpent is a symbol of the Chinese calendar.

Online roulette and “snake”

Unfortunately few Internet casinos power special button which allows to make snake wager in one click. However, it`s not difficult to place chips in required order manually but remember that American roulette table decrease payout probability almost at 1%.

If this stake appliance is important for you choose casinos where you can set it in the easiest way. Definitely we advice to select only well-tried and safe ones like Quasar Gaming, StarGames and others.