Roulette table etiquette

This article will be useful for those who intend to visit land based casino after long online winning history. As we all know Internet gambling doesn`t have any special requirements towards player`s appearance, dress code or manners while real playing halls do.

But don`t panic, roulette game is not as complicated as many people think, its rules are quite simple and one can easily adjust to playing process after short round`s observation. But of course there are some roulette tips which should be better taken into account.

Betting etiquette

The most important - is to handle with time given to make the bet as. Watch couple of wheel`s spins to ensure you are able to meet the time because various casinos have slight differences in this question. Factually, Dealer gives you some minutes after the last spin to set your stake. After all wagers are made he begins to spin roulette wheel and throws the ball ( usually in direction opposite to wheels rotation).

If the speed of balls spin is quite high you are still allowed to wager but when you hear “No more bets” and it occurs when the ball slows down new stakes are forbidden.

Etiquette between players

To be pleasant and polite game companion it`s necessary to follow rules given below:

As a conclusion we want to say that the most valuable advise is to remember that roulette is just a game and you have to always treat it like entertainment. It is usually worth money and please set sensible limits not to spend over. If you follow all tips presented for you in our article we are sure you`ll have the best time spent in casino.