Roulette betting systems

Roulette game includes several types of stakes depending on number combinations. Wager can be represented in separate numbers or spin`s result – black or red.

The purpose of this article is to study betting roulette tips and discuss their advantages and disadvantages. We are longing to expect that information given on this page will help you to feel more confident in both online and real casinos.

Outside stakes

Wagers of such kind are made on fields outside the main table and represent groups like red-black, odd-even or column. Online roulette money outside bets have quite high landing probability and that is why their payouts are lower than while making inside bets.

Roulette inside bets

If you place your chips on separate number or their group you are making inside wager. It`s also possible to use the only one chip to put on several numbers in the same time. Payouts depend on stake type you choose: