Play live roulette online and win

Every guest can get acquainted with list of well-tried casinos where he can enjoy live roulette. Many gamblers consider StarGames to be the best live roulette online casino though Quasar and gaming websites are not inferior. To compare services of these 3 gambling giants visit each of them and see where fortune smiles you more.

Benefits of live roulette playing

Hardly ever any person who has spun live roulette wheel for just once will sense like he wants to return to its automatic variant. Providing several arguments followed below we attempt to convince you in this fact.

Gamble Live Roulette Online at Casinos

Game`s rules and instructions

The round usually involves the same rules that are used in land based playing clubs. There is a certain minimum and maximum bet in selected currency. At the beginning the dealer spins the wheel and throws a real ball, made of ivory. A few people can take part in the round. Once the ball stops, the dealer announces the winner who gets his prize paid. Lost stakes are credited to the casino.

Live system principle

When the round is on the Dealer sits in separate room supplied with high-quality equipment. To connect with the player`s table is there are various sensors and detectors which provide good picture quality and decent sound. During the game Dealer performs his duties and the player can watch him. If the Dealer makes his work in inappropriate way it`s possible to set the complaint in roulette live chat or to change him.