Kavouras roulette strategy – The Kavouras tactics

Professional players differ from beginners with systematized game based on strategy as knowledge of playing methods can increase win chances in certain degree.

Kavouras bet strategy – one of the newest in playing roulette, it can be used both in online and land based casinos, no matter if you play roulette for money or not.

Kavouras method description

Presented kind of stakes doesn`t depend on sectors and is made quite haphazardly that is of great benefit. Let us to explain, typically, casino administration doesn`t approve games built on any methods but in case with Kavouras strategy you won`t receive any claims because your wager will look extremely naturally. Labouchere system, for example, requires time and attention for additional calculations that is not always convinient.

For one wheel`s spin it`s necessary to bet 8 chips covering 20 numbers. If one of the numbers lands you win 1 – 10 chips. The chips should be placed in such a way:

This stake arrangement is quite simple and doesn`t cause any difficulties. Kavouras bet progression can be combined with other systems operating with positive and negative progressions, however, it`s important to know that you will not achieve greater effect in such a way.

Kavouras positives and negatives

To finish with we`d like to remind that all casino games strategies have statistics. Sometimes it will work in your favor but sometimes not at all. The best you can do is to learn, try and play and don`t forget about the most significant part – have fun.

The Source: https://www.roulette30.com/p/kavouras-bet.html