Globe Roulette Online

Online casino industry has a lot to offer these days. Anyone can find a game that will suit his tastes but everyone have their own preferences for the seemingly the same game. That's why online roulettes are represented by so vast a diversity of variations. Some people like classic roulette, some like roulettes with powerful graphical effects and some like it as simplified as possible, but somewhere in the middle stands an excellent example of conventional roulette with the new interactive interface that bears the name of Globe Roulette.

All Over The Globe

Rules of Globe Roulette are the same as in classical French roulette (which is played all over the globe) but it's interface is slightly differ from the classical one. Interface here is user-friendly and all buttons are arranged in the convenient way. You have seven buttons at your disposal on the screen (they all located in the bottom of the table except for one). «Info» button will switch you to the menu in which you can find a maximum quantity of money that can be placed as one bet, the minimum quantity (they are 5000 Euro and 0.50 Euro correspondingly) and the list of possible bets themselves. The buttons «Remove Chips» and «Remove all Chips» do exactly what their titles says. They remove chips from one of the fields on the play-table or from all of them.

Globe Roulette Online

«Last bet» button will repeat the betting you latest bet in one click, so you won't need to place chips manualy all over the table again. «Quick spin» and «Spin» buttons are practically the same but if you click on the first one the wheel will stope much quicker than if you choose the second variant. On the right side of the table you will find a small blue button called «Special». Clicking on it will call forth the menu of additional betting options, special optiones for the Globe Roulette player. You will find this special bets even more fascinating than conventional ones.

Practice Playing Globe Roulette Here

Here you can find a demo version of that magnificent game and can practice your mastery of roulette player but nothing of that can be compared to the playing on real money. When you play for real in online casino you experience a mix of different feelings. You feel excitement when your number wins and frustration when you lose, menwhile your nerves are as tight as a bow string in the expectation of the ball landing. This is an unforgatable experience.