Fibonacci roulette strategy – system of roulette bets

For many years different generations of gamblers are trying to deceive the fortune using various approaches and manipulations with numbers . Fibonacci roulette sequence has become quite popular betting system. It was developed in 12th century and entitled by the name of Italian mathematician Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci who formulated the basics of this method.

However few people know that scientist powered his theory applicable to experiments with nature, animals and plants. And for at least it makes it inappropriate to be used in gambling field and in real money roulette in particular.

But before to make any conclusions let`s find out how does it work and why it`s not suitable for games.

Fibonacci method description

Generally speaking this method is represented in mathematic row in which every following number is sum of two previous. To learn if roulette Fibonacci progression works or not let`s regard one concrete example based on European roulette round.

Imagine that Dealer throws the ball, previous number is 1 landed is 5. Player adds 1 to 5 and bets 6 waiting for a win. It is standard logical mistake when conclusion is drawn from wrong prediction.

Roulette ball hasn`t got memory and any forces except of centrifugal and gravity don`t affect it. That`s why trying to find connection between previous and following numbers the player only waste his time. Probability of any number landing in roulette is always unchanged and equals to 1:37.

Someone can say that if 5 is landed after 17 and then 22 – it really works. But is 5 landed after 17 always followed by 22? No, not always, but very rarely. And particularly this fact proves that to roulette strategy Fibonacci didn`t make any contribution.

Beware of gambling predictability

Moreover, if there are any statistics in systematic repetitions of landed numbers you should seriously think about if it`s sensibly to play such casino. Because any systematic repetitions and dependencies can be explained only by fraudulent activities of its organizers.

Roulette – is a game of luck and it`s wrong to the core to consider it as something to be calculated and predicted. The only conditions that are useful are determining amount if bets and their size. Bonus programs are also can be very lucrative helping to level casino house edge.