James Bond roulette system

Although Baccarat was James Bond favourite table game due to original book version of agent 007 best-seller, film makers have changed it with Roulette because of its showiness and glamor. And of course, as in all other fields in roulette play Bond achieved outstanding results thanks to approach we are going to discuss in this article.

The system`s essence

In his roulette strategy James Bond offers to bet for two dozens – and that`s the main point. Regarded system is also pretty straight-lined and based on Martingale method. It includes only few simple steps and even beginner is able to appreciate its advantages. You start betting, covering almost all roulette wheel, aiming for one of three profitable results. To follow Bond play style bet for two columns at the same time ensuring zero because when it lands other bets are lost.

We start with a $ 200 bankroll. Initial stakes are $ 14 for one column, $ 5 for the second and $ 10 for zero. Usually you can expect $15 - $42 payout for columns while average value nearly 28 for $ 39 stake. From time to time you also receive 35:1 for zero which significantly increases your profits.

Noting relation to Martingale it should be outlined that all system is based on outside bets and doubling after the loss method.

Some players consider presented approach too high-priced but it`s necessary to remember that you cover two-thirds of the whole field so cannot be worry about large amount of money bet as you will win more than two-thirds of time. That is why there is no need to increase wagers too often. The limit of the money involved is $ 200.

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