Play American roulette game for money

Roulette game has probably the most long lasting history among other table games as it originates to 18th century. When it was brought to North America in 19th century it gained huge popularity and some characteristic traits which after many years has formed unique online American roulette type.

Nowadays gamblers prefer this variation together with European one and play it in land based and online roulette casinos. On our web site you can find information about rules, distinctive peculiarities and learn about Internet recourses offering this game.

Structure of American roulette wheel

There are 38 slots numerated from 0- 36 and 00 (two zeros are pictured in one pocket). 18 slots are red and another 18 are black, 0 and 00 symbols are put in green slots. Numbers are arranged in a clockwise direction, starting with single zero. This location is not random. For steady probability of so called simple chances it is necessary to provide alternating red and black, large and small, even and odd cells.

Play American Roulette For Money Online

Payouts and field bets

Speaking about stake ways used in online American roulette for real money it is usually outlined 9 common wagers which can be put on different numbers placed in various field locations:

Where to play American roulette for money

Large part of all existed Internet gambling clubs suggest to play online American roulette real money. Enter the request in Google search line which corresponds to your preferences in its very best. For example, write whether you want to play for money, with or without registration and list of relevant sites will be completed for you. However, registration process doesn`t take much time and effort, just enter E-mail address, secure password and click the link that will be sent to your E- mail. When you have it all done everything is ready for the game and we hope that articles presented on our website will help you to reach the best results.