Real Money Roulette

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100% up to £250

100% up to £250

100% up to £250

Real Money Roulette

Table games are a staple in nearly all casinos both online and land-based, and roulette stands among the most provided. This set was invented back in the seventeenth century, but its origin has been debated on for the centuries that followed. The most widespread origin story is that it was developed as a mistake by a French scientist. The Blaise brothers then adopted it later on and developed the game that is now played in casinos. Even with the numerous theories in existence, one thing that is for sure is that the game originated from France. Roulette did not see the outside world until the French Revolution when the French migrated to other nations across the globe; this saw a number of variations of the game crop up to meet the needs of different gamblers.

Today, millions of gamblers play online roulette for real money and has been used as a major attraction for numerous online casinos. Playing the game has been made even easier by its introduction on the mobile platform. That way, players can access their favorite sets on smartphone and tablet devices; this can be done in either download or no download mode depending on the developer of the game.

Best Real Money Roulette Casinos

Online gaming destinations that pride themselves on being the best have landed a spot there by the provision of popular sets, and real money roulette is a principal provision. Players can find numerous casinos online that offer real money roulette, but the trick is in discerning the best from the regular ones. The elements to look into include:

  • Mobile compatibility

Access to games has shifted from the use of desktop computers in the past few years to mobile devices. These gadget’s portability and affordability make them a perfect go-to option to play real money roulette. Players should check whether the casino offering online roulette has a mobile version that they can access while on the go.

  • Bonuses and promotions

Bonus incentives help the player spend less of their money while getting more time at the real money roulette wheel. Therefore, gamblers should consider choosing destinations that provide incentives to increase their play roulette online time. Game bonuses can be presented in the form of real money or free chips. Players should be sure to read through the presented terms and conditions to ensure that they can profit from them.

  • Security

Real money roulette play, as well as engaging in other casino sets that require real money deposits, exposes the player to various risks such as financial and identity theft; this is especially because one is required to provide banking and personal information. The casino one selects should provide ample security to keep such data out of the reach of unauthorized third parties. Additionally, they should inform the gambler if the provided information is to be used by other entities and why.

  • Provision of fair play

Gamblers can tell the legitimacy of a site by looking into their operating licenses before they play online roulette for real money. The institutions that allow the establishment to operate should have a good reputation under their belt. Some of the reputable regulatory bodies for real money roulette casinos include the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Alderney Gaming Control Commission, etc.

These are some of the many things that gamers should be keen to look into before taking their business to any real money roulette casinos. Using the aspects listed above, here are some of the best real money online roulette casinos to play in along with the incentives they welcome gamblers with:


Welcome Offer

Royal Panda Casino

One hundred percent match bonus up to one hundred pounds

LeoVegas Casino

One hundred percent match reward up to three hundred pounds

Casumo Casino

Match bonuses of up to one thousand, two hundred pounds

32Red Casino

Three hundred and twenty percent match up of up to one hundred and sixty pounds

Gala Casino

Four hundred pound welcome package

Mansion Casino

Five hundred pounds and a ten percent cashback reward

Grosvenor Casino

Twenty pounds no deposit bonus


The list of best casinos to play roulette for money is not limited to these gaming sites. When claiming the bonuses, players should look into the contribution rates provided by roulette sets.

Types of Roulette

Like all other games that have been adopted well by the masses, real money roulette has seen numerous versions of the original game created. However, the game still carries the original basic elements; a rotating wheel with numbered pockets and a small ball. The difference comes in the rules of play and sometimes the arrangement of these elements. Some of the popular variations include:

  • European Roulette

This is the most popular version of this table game thanks to its high house edge. The wheel in this game comes with thirty-seven pockets; number one to thirty-six and a single zero pocket. In most cases, it carries a house edge of two point seven percent.

  • American Roulette

This version comes in second to the European one. The difference comes in the inclusion of a double zero in American Roulette to bring the number of pockets up to thirty-eight; this increases the house edge, leaving players with lower odds.

  • French Roulette

It is similar to the European version but follows the original rules of the game.

  • Double Ball Roulette

This version uses two balls as opposed to one.

  • Multi-wheel Roulette

This version allows the player to place wagers on more than one wheel at a go, increasing their winning odds.

  • Zodiac Roulette

In this version of the table game, the numbered pockets are replaced with the twelve astrological signs of the Zodiac.

Playing Real Money Roulette

Playing roulette may be dependent on luck, but players can incorporate some practices to increase their winning odds. Even though they do not assure one of real money wins, they are worth using when playing this game. Some of the tips to have in mind include:

  • Place outside bets

Roulette allows two types of bets. The first, inside bets, are placed on individual numbers or splits. The other, outside bets, are placed on parity, color, or a group of numbers. The former comes with high winnings, but chances of landing a win are slim. Outside bets, however, come with higher winning chances even though they are not as substantial as those of inside bets.

  • Study up on playing strategies

Over time, people have developed various strategies that can be employed to increase winning chances when playing roulette for real money. Among the most popular is the Martingale roulette strategy that encourages the placement of stakes on parity and colors.

  • Have a budget

This tip applies to all types of gambling. Knowing the exact amount you are going to spend on the game will avoid you from incurring more losses than you can handle.

Playing roulette for real money can be conducted in both download and no download modes. The availability of both options for each variation will depend on the online gaming software developer behind the provision of the set.


How can I make a deposit?

Deposits can be made using various online money transfer options as provided by the respective casino you choose to play in. When playing online roulette for real money, PayPal stands as one of the best options to make cash deposits.

Can I play roulette for real money on my mobile?

Numerous casinos and money transfer options have made their services mobile compatible, which allows real money roulette play to be conducted on smartphone and tablet devices.

What is the best money strategy?

Laying out a financial plan is the best money strategy to employ when playing roulette for real money wins.